David Reitter

Senior Research Scientist, Google Research, New York City
Associate Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State (2012-2019)
How does the mind work? How can computers model and take over some of our cognitive function? I would like to understand what makes us intelligent and why we make mistakes at times. I study language processing, dialogue, and decision-making. Most recently, I have been interested in neural models of language and discourse in natural language processing. I use data science techniques for inference from large-scale datasets and experiments. I create computational, cognitive and statistical models to contribute to a unified theory of cognition. My work in cognitive science is made possible by computational linguistics; my research in computer science is inspired by cognition.

I am not taking new students. If you'd like to work with me (post-PhD) on NLP and dialogue, please apply to Google Research.

David Reitter
what's new in our research group?
  • Games, article: The Positive Impact of Task Familiarity, Risk Propensity, and Need For Cognition on Observed Timing Decisions in a Security Game. (with J. Grossklags). To appear 2020.
  • EMNLP 2019, full paper: Fusion of Detected Objects in Text for Visual Question Answering (C. Alberti, J. Ling, M. Collins, D. Reitter)
  • ACL 2019, full paper: Like a Baby: Like a Baby: Visually Situated Neural Language Acquisition (A. Ororbia, A. Mali, M. Kelly, and D.Reitter)
  • David Reitter is joining Google Research. The research group at Penn State continues.
  • CogSysRes, The role of working memory in syntactic sentence realization: A modeling & simulation approach (with J. Cole)
  • Chenrong Qin, MSc defense passed!
  • Dr. Jeremy Cole, thesis defense passed: Incremental planning and buffering in language production: modeling large-scale data. Now: Software Engineer, Google
  • Dr. Alexander G. Ororbia II, thesis defense passed: Coordinated local learning algorithms for continuously adaptive neural systems.
    Now: Assistant Professor Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology.