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The tool for easy file comparison, analysis and alteration

Use égale to compare and alter files easily and quickly. égale is a dependable aid when analyzing data, comparing a programīs output and reference data and changing data. Text and binary files can be loaded and compared. Insertions in one of the files can be handled. There are functions to convert files, generate patch programs and read+check file trees.

Various search+replace functions, a flexible result output and many different display and comparison options are availabe. But égale remains simple and efficient even if your job gets a little harder. And:It has an up-to-date user interface!

égale runs on all platforms using TOS and compatible systems (as MagiC!, MagiCMac, MagiC-PC..., Hades, Milan) - also on original Atari systems.

Current version: 4.1 Thanks to Peter West, we have an English version 4.1 now!!

égale is no longer supported. The author moved on to other things. Use it for free! (The English distribution 4.1 contains a key.)

Name: Freeware
Street: Freeware
Town: Freeware
Country: Earth
There is a version 4.2 (with a fix for capitalization in file names during directory comparison). It's available directly from Dimitri Junker.