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Staff Research Scientist, Google DeepMind, New York City

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I study natural language processing. I am interested in dialogue and generative models. The goals of my research have spanned understanding cognition in the human mind to making information universally accessible to people, all by advancing Artificial Intelligence.
Factuality is a recent focus: how can we make large language models speak the truth? Evaluation is key.
I work at Google DeepMind. Prior to that, I led a research group as an Associate Professor at Penn State. I also worked on cognitive models at Carnegie Mellon University. I hold a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. If you'd like to work with me (post-PhD) on NLP and dialogue, please apply to Google DeepMind.
Fun Fact #1: A long time ago, I worked for a newspaper and then a radio station in Berlin.
Fun Fact #2: I am a pilot and love airplanes. "Science, freedom, beauty, adventure: what more could you ask of life?"
Fun Fact #3: I lived in some great cities: Mainz, Berlin, Dublin, Edinburgh, Pittsburgh, New York.



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