Introduction to R

Introduction to R

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R is available here. is a GUI for Mac OS X, but for superb editing on the Mac, Aquamacs comes with a special mode to support editing and interaction with R (see also: Emacs Speaks Statistics). [Mac users in Aquamacs should use the "quartz()" command to bring up a window for plots.]

Getting help

Use the built-in help functions (?expression, or"word")). Read manuals. Search Google with "rproject" as additional search term, or check the R mailing list. Given that there are top-notch statisticians on the list, you better check the available documentation first. Don't ask Stats 101 questions there - you will get burned.

Pointers to materials

(Website for a tutorial at U Edinburgh, CompPsyLing group, March 2006 and the IGK summer school tutorial September 2006.)