RST in LaTeX

Rhetorical theory in LaTeX with the rst package

example diagram


Drawing rhetorical analyses is no fun when you need to change and update diagrams as you refine your work, or, more importantly, if a lot of analyses are to be drawn. Voila, there we go: This package enables us to typeset beautiful diagrams with no hassle. It is oriented towards the style of the diagrams shown in Mann&Thompson's Rhetorical Structure Theory and subsequent works. This package works perfectly with (LaTeX) and pdfLaTeX and does not require any special postscript capabilities in the output side.


Version: 1.3 dated 17-Feb-2003

Download the whole package as .tar.gz

David Reitter: "Rhetorical theory in LaTeX with the rst package" Technical Manual.

Example code for the above diagram

   \unit[maz5007a1]{And if the truck driver's just don't 
         want to stick to the speed limits,}
   \unit[maz5007a2]{noise and resentments are guaranteed.}
   \unit[maz5007a3]{It is therefore legitimate to ask for 
         proper roads and speed checks.}
   \unit[maz5007a4]{And the city officials have signaled 
         to support local citizens.}

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